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Greater Works Christian Church

Began as a Para church ministry in 1999; with the vision of tearing down the walls that have separated churches.

At this point we had no real desire to start a church. 


In 2000 God had decided that it was time for a church.  Reluctantly we ventured out and declared “church” for the first time, and we began “Greater Works Christian Church.”  We continued with the same vision as before, only this time we were doing it as a church instead of a Para church ministry.


Fathers Day 2002 became the official beginning of “Greater Works Christian Church.”  Until this time we were always associated with other churches, but as of this date we were on our own.  


Now as “Greater Works Christian Church” we are still serving Lancaster and all of the Antelope Valley. Today we are a church with a vision!  Our vision of bringing churches together and of tearing down the walls that separate has not changed. It is still our goal to see a unified church in our region. 


Along with the above vision we are in a never ending building program. This building program is the building up of the Army of God. Our vision and purpose has extended into three areas.  

These three areas are:

1.) Build the Army of God;

2.) Build a Training Center for that Army;

3.) Take it to the nations.  


As a church this has become our vision and purpose. This is where you come in.


You are a very important part of God’s kingdom and Army.  On account of this, you are very important to “Greater Works Christian Church.”  You are a part of the overall vision and purpose of this church. The very fact that you have taken the time to visit us is very exciting.  


Thank you for joining us!


Dr. Robert and Linda Enos

Founders and Lead Apostles

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