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Blackened Paper


His Presence Is Our Purpose

Greater Works Christian Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ and usher the presence of God into our church and community; to strengthen our relationship with Christ Jesus and each other; to continually grow in the anointing as we help others to grow in the anointing as well. We will do this with integrity and through prayer, praise, worship, and humor.

Build the Army of God; Build a Training Center for that Army; Take It To The Nations

Our mission is to evangelize the world by reaching out to those not yet saved or churched; to be a true and loving church family and community that spans the globe by staying true to the covenant of God and the covenant we have made with one another; to obtain and utilize the power and authority of God by putting God first in all things and by wrestling with Him until we obtain the blessings of His presence and establish His presence in the earth; to fulfill our vision of becoming a world-class training center.

Become a World Class Training Center

To be a Christian organization that will take the world for Christ by making disciples of the nations and preparing God's people to rule in these seven kingdoms of the world: Business and Finance, Arts and Entertainment, Media, Education, Government, Family, and Church.

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